How To Make Call To Action Work

3 Things To Make Call To Action Work


Website owners from the start of the internet, have asked the same question.  Why does my website not get me any results?  Well its the same answers over and over again.  Three questions they failed to answer regarding call to action:

  1. What do you want visitors to do?

  2. Why should they do what you want?

  3. How do they do it?

This applies to websites and AdWords campaigns.


You don’t know what to do!


What Do You Want Visitors To Do?

Whatever you are designing, you must first decide what is the goal.  If you are designing a website, webpage or a Google AdWords campaign, you need a definite goal.  So if you want to just show off your brilliant design work, your goal is to impress.  If you want people to find and call you, design it to attract people to your number, form or contact page.  If you want them to contact you by email, again design it that way.  This list could go on forever.  So each page needs to have a goal. If you don’t know what you want it to do, why the hell are you doing it.

Now lets work on how to get people to do your goal.

Why Click Here

Why the customer should do what you want

Why Should They Do What You Want?

You now have the hard task… Why?  For what reason should they call, email, sign-up, buy your product or service?

  1. Offer them something of value.

  2. Give them a discount.

  3. Free consultation.

How many times have you seen pages where they have a button contact me, download etc? These are such generic commands, as to be practically useless.  Instead use Click here for 10% discount, That gives them a reason to click.

Call Me Now Action

How Do They Do It?

This can be the tricky part.  It would not seem that complicated. With new technologies even call me is not that simple anymore. With mobile computing getting more prevalent everyday, one of the greatest new call to actions is a call me now button.  Say someone is looking up pizza and Google pulls up a list of pizza parlors.  The description you see may include a phone number, If you click on the number you will call it from your smartphone.  This can also be put on a web page.  Say your pizza place has a menu online it now may have a call me button.

So if you want them to visit your location, have the address easily seen in the upper right or left hand corners.  Include a map so they can see where you are.  Have a picture of your location.  Make it stand out.

If you want them to email you, have a contact form right there for them to click on. Remember, you have to give them a reason to want to contact you. Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter?  Offer them some special piece of knowledge or discount.

This continues for whatever you want them to do.


Give them a sense of urgency

Make it time sensitive or use active verbs.  Limit the time of the offer. Tell them to click now.

So use “Click Now For a Free Consultation” is better than “Free Consultation”.

This information will allow you to get a functional call to action for your site.

Here is a in depth article on the fine tuning of your Call To Action:

The Complete Checklist for Creating Compelling Calls-to-Action | Written by Ginny Soskey

Make It Stand Out.

Viability is the key.  Make it contrast to the background.  Make it large.  Put it in the middle or in the upper corner.

Simplify, get rid of everything not necessary to get the action.  Does the page give to many choices? Is the menu so big it competes? Does the picture take away from your message? Be ruthless, keep it clean if you want them to take action.

White space is your friend.  It leads them to your message and preferred action.

If you would like help with call to action techniques, feel free to ask for our help or just contact us.

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